Adventures in Coding: Part 1

October 9, 2017

It’s never too late to pick up a new skill - in fact, I believe we should never stop learning. Learning keeps our minds fresh, exposes us to new ideas, and can enhance our creative problem-solving skills. It can even reveal new passions and hobbies we never expected to have.

Codecademy Intensive Course: Build Websites from Scratch

Last week, I started an online course hosted by Codecademy called, “Build Websites from Scratch.” It is a 10-week course that is hosted on Codecademy’s Pro Intensive platform. The class is designed for beginners or experienced developers looking to brush up on their skills. Curriculum is broken up into 9 units, each with different sections that are to be completed each day. Users can work at their own pace - at least one section needs to be completed per day to stay on track, but working ahead is also encouraged.

My Experience Thus Far..

Prior to taking this class, I had no knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript or anything to do with building a website from scratch. I had only built a few websites (including this one) using content management systems (CMS). My goal for taking this course was to better understand front-end web development, so I could customize this website and eventually write an entire site from scratch.

I just wrapped up week 1 of my class, and I am already hooked. I love the challenge and problem-solving that goes into coding, and I can’t wait to continue learning more. In fact, I love it so much that I am almost a week ahead of schedule.  The first unit covered the basics of HTML and the syntax rules. As of right now, I can code a basic website and include links, images, and videos, but they are super bland and utilitarian. I am currently on unit two, which covers CSS and all it has to offer, so I will soon be able to create sites that are more visually stimulating. Stay tuned, I have a project coming up in the class, and it is to use my CSS knowledge to design an aesthetically pleasing site. I am excited to show you what comes next!

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