Inspiration Nibbles: Wilson’s Orchard Hard Cider

September 30, 2017

Inspiration can be found everywhere, you just have to look for it. If there’s one thing that gets me excited about grocery shopping, it’s browsing the wine and spirits section for design inspiration. Not everyone’s first choice when looking for new ideas, but oh my goodness, it is chock-full of inspiration.

Wilson’s Orchard Hard Cider

On my most recent grocery adventure, a particular packaging caught my eye - Wilson’s Orchard Hard Cider, specifically, the Goldfinch flavor. The single lineweight illustration and clean layout is what originally drew me to the packaging…oh, and the abundance of yellow (my favorite color).  

Upon further inspection,  I noticed that the labels were not the typical, thin paper that is normally used for beer labels. These label are thick and silky smooth, giving a sense of quality to the product. This quality is also reflected in the packaging, comprised of a thick, coated cardstock that is comfortable to hold - not your usual cardboard beer carrier.

I appreciate the consistency in branding across Wilson’s product line. Although the illustrations differ with each flavor, the uniform illustration style and label template really help tie the products together, while still allowing them to stand on their own. 

Of course, after inspecting the packaging so much, I bought myself a 4-pack to take home…and I was not disappointed. The quality and care in creating the packaging reflects that which was used to make the cider. I am excited to see what flavors and illustrations Wilson’s will release in the future as they continue to expand their product line.

︎ Caitlin

Thumbnail image by Wilson’s Hard Cider

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