Process: Vegbox

September 23, 2017

In my last post, I described my exciting, new adventure with Briefbox. This week’s post covers the process behind my first project. The brief was for an app called Vegbox, an app that showcases different local goods and produce that users may purchase. The items are then delivered to their house in a simple “veg box.” Here’s a glimpse at my process:

The app filters foods based on five categories, so I started off by sketching my initial ideas for each category icon. I then put a dot by the icons I felt best represented the category - I planned to rework them a second time before selecting my final icons.

Next, I brainstormed ideas for the app’s functions and selected ones I thought best fit the target functionality. I also took a few notes on ideas I had for my mock-up.

After listing the app capabilities, I decided to create a flow of the app to better help myself visualize the screens I needed to create for the prototype.

I then reworked the selected icon concepts and finalized each category icon.

Using my app flow chart as a reference, I sketched wireframes for each screen. This helped me get my ideas out as fast as possible, and I referenced these wireframes when creating each screen.

I then moved over to creating digital assets and mock-ups for the app.

And that’s a quick look into my design process. You can find the final project here - it even includes an interactive mock-up! Check it out and let me know what you think.

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