Regionals Shirt Design

Climb Iowa is Iowa’s largest indoor climbing and training facility that offers more than 10,000 square feet of climbing. The facility has a dedicated climbing team and hosts several competitions throughout the year. In 2015, Climb Iowa had the honor of hosting the Midwest Regionals competition, an event that brings together some of the best climbers in the Midwest. The venue asked me to create a shirt that would be given to competitors and serve as a promotional piece.

Understanding the Sport

The idea for this shirt came from the vast amount of jargon used in the climbing community. Newcomers to the sport often find it difficult to keep up with all the unusual terms. This situation inspired me to create a design that served as a quick crash course on a few popular climbing terms.


The design features a blueprint-inspired depiction of a climbing route and features callouts for certain holds. Each callout features the common term climbers use to describe each hold, as well as a short description and diagram.


The design was well-received by competitors and spectators alike. Many competitors opted to wear the shirts right away, and several parents commented on how informative the graphic on the back was and how they enjoyed learning more about their child’s sport. Climb Iowa ordered enough shirts for each registered competitor, as well as a few extras, which sold out rather quickly.

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