Vegbox App

Vegbox is an app that showcases local produce, and allows users to purchase items directly from vendors. Items are then packaged and delivered to user’s houses in a simple “vegbox”.

Initial Idea

The city council of Boulder, Colorado received funding to help connect local food suppliers to customers. They came up with a concept called Vegbox - a system that aims to help small businesses grow and encourage healthy, sustainable living among locals. Vegbox allows users to search for local produce and purchase items that will then be delivered to their doorstep. The council’s goal was to create an app for the Vegbox system, and they requested mock-up screens to further their development process.

In-depth Process

The council wanted a design that was colorful, attractive, modern, and easy to use. They also requested small icons for each of their main food categories: fruits, vegetables, baked goods, meat, and dairy products. When starting the design process for this project, I began brainstorming and working through ideas of each food category icon. I also began thinking about the potential capabilities of the app, and narrowing these ideas down based on the council’s end goals.

After finalizing my food category icons, I then moved into creating wireframes for the app screens. A quick sketch of the app’s layout and flow helped me decide how many screens I needed to create a high-functioning mock-up of the app. Although this step was not requested, I felt it would bring life to the project and help kickstart the council’s development process. I also explored ideas for the app’s icon and branding to help make the mock-up feel more complete and further bring the idea to life. My full ideation process for the app can be found here.

The Solution

As requested, I created icons for each food category. I also created high-fidelity wireframes for various app screens - making sure to closely follow the council’s request of the app’s personality. To bring the app to life, I created a point-and-click mock-up using Marvel, an online prototyping software.

Feel free to play around with the app below - if you get lost on any screen, click anywhere on the iPhone screen to reveal hints of clickable areas (highlighted in blue).

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